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The Whispering Eye
The Whispering Eye
The Whispering Eye

The Whispering Eye

by G. T. Fleming-Roberts

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First published in Jan. 1942.
Hooded Detective

| Vol. III No. 2

Before the caped crusader, before the marvelous universe of costumed crimefighters, before it all was ... THE HOODED DETECTIVE. Read more

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Hunted by the police ... framed for robbery and murder by the EYE, master fiend and vicious ruler of the underworld ... loathed by Barbara Sutton, the girl who loves him ...

The BLACK HOOD had to face the blazing purgatory of this murder master's guns to win back Barbara's love and clear himself of the framed charges.

But he’d been seen at the Weedham metal stamping plant and Joe Strong, news photographer with The Daily Opinion had snapped his photo, which covered the front page with the headline ...


Can he unmask the real identity of The Eye or will BLACK HOOD lose his freedom and his lady love?

One man against a syndicate. One man against society. One man against himself.

The Whispering Eye

by G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Hooded Detective
First published in Jan. 1942. | Vol. III No. 2

First Edition by Hooded Detective.


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